Apps, packages and services for Political Scientists


  • Papers – organizes your PDF library + citation database
  • Mendeley – manages citation database (desktop and online app)
  • GitHub Mac – simple version control
  • RStudio – a nice IDE for R if you don’t like plain coding


  • countrycode – R package that “can convert to and from 7 different country coding schemes. It uses regular expressions to convert long country names (e.g. Sri Lanka) into any of those coding schemes [Correlates of War character, CoW-numeric, ISO3-character, ISO3-numeric, ISO2-character, IMF, FIPS 10-4, official English short country names (ISO), continent, region], or into standardized country names (official short English).”
  • datasciencetoolkit – Python toolbox to extract various data from texts
  • BeautifulSoup – helps to scrap websites with a few lines of Python code


  • AWS/EC2 – run R and Python in the cloud to save time
  • TileMill – makes nice maps to visualize geocoded data
  • Detexify – translates handwritten symbols in LaTex code
  • RegEr – instant regular expression tester

The current issue of The Political Methodologist discusses how to organize research, especially the data analysis workflow. Worth reading!


One Comment on “Apps, packages and services for Political Scientists”

  1. […] Last year, I listed a couple of Apps that I found particular useful for doing political science research. Over the year, I started using a couple of new ones. […]

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